2015 The Final Year


I started my blogging again! 🙂 New name, fresh start.Instead of my ICT journey, I am now beginning to start my teaching journey.  The reason I am so excited, all going to plan 2015 is my last and final year of my teaching degree (YAY!!) After 7 years of working full time and studying part time, I can finally say I am here. I am super excited to what my new life will have in store for me.


2014 was a tough year for me, filled with sadness, illness and unwanted stress. 2015 is the year for me.


So for my first blog of  the year I say goodbye 2014 Hello 2015 I look forward to seeing what challenges you have in store for me 🙂




Done and Dusted!

Well, I finally submitted my last assignment for EDC3100

It’s definitely added some pressure having professional experience at the end of semester and assignments due during or not too long after. Like most people I feel like this semester has been struggle, but it’s almost over.

Unfortunately for me I was some serious health issues at the beginning of the year so I am grateful that it didn’t affect being able to complete uni this semester, because of this, normally I would be able to start relaxing now after submitting my last assignment but have to make take some exams form my summer semester courses. But after that I am done!

I looking forward to the break, I think I will sleep the entire time!

This will probably be my last blog for a little while, but I have really enjoyed blogging so I am going to start to prepare my teachers blog for when I am teaching so I can help pre-service teachers in the future.s Reading teachers blogs which I really didn’t know existed until this course. I also didn’t feel so isolated this semester being an online student, I was able to read about other peoples experiences to see I wasn’t the only one struggling.

I will most likely keep blogging on this one as well but change it more instead of Amy’s ICT journey, more Amy’s journey to becoming a teacher.

Also I am now addicted to Twitter, but there is so many inspiring teachers and things to follow.

So for now Goodnight, Good luck everyone its been great reading your blogs and hope to cross paths again 🙂



Smart Exhange – Smart board Lessons and resources

I must say that never really embracing the use of ICT’s in the classroom in my prior pracs, although they were successful I have to think could they have been better if I used more ICT’s within the lessons.

I have to say I have learnt so much from completing this task. Things that I never would have thought about before.

I have to say a big lifesaver on professional experience was the Smart Exchange After learning about it in the learning pathways and downloading the smart notebook software on my computer, which is free for a trial period. There was so many helpful resources and general ideas using the smart board.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to use it, perhaps it may be useful in your next professional experience.

The more resources and ideas the better !


CyberSmart Website

While on prac, I was lucky enough to experience a wide range of lessons to teach which I hadn’t had the opportunity to teach before. Two of the lessons that the students really enjoyed was on Cyber safety. Although there wasn’t too much to change, I was able to adapt the lessons to suit and make it a bit more interesting. I thought this was a necessity to our students in the 21st century and I really enjoyed teaching it. I think when I have my own classroom I will definitely incorporate this in some regards.

The Website is called Cyber Smart, it is designed to support and encourage participation in the digital economy by providing information and education which empowers children to be safe online. It has varying lessons to cater for different age brackets. I used one called Hector’s world this was suited to the context in which I was teaching. There is also activity sheets to complete with the videos that they show. But I found them to although relevant more a prep age bracket so I adapted to suit my year 2 class.

Just thought I would share this useful resource just incase it could be useful for future pracs or when you are in the classroom.



Reflection on Professional Experience

Wow! Another Professional experience done and dusted. (I have to say I am completely exhausted, but it was definitely worth it)

I have also enjoyed yesterday and today reading some other EDC3100 students reflections on prac, sometimes being an online student you often wonder how other peoples times went, did they have a good time, bad time. To find out how others went on their professional experience click here. Also Amber sounded like she also had an invaluable experience, like most of us, good and bad it’s all an experience and we will all be better teachers for it.

I must say I haven’t had much time to blog during my professional experience. With the lesson planning, researching what I was teaching finding excellent ICT resources to incorporate and trying to have some form of normality in my life. Unfortunately I feel the end of my first week and the middle week, was a bit disappointing for me. Not because it was a bad experience but both myself and mentor got terribly sick, we were the coughing brigade. I could tell that my teaching although I was running through the motions, was just not as good as if I had of had a clear head. But in saying that my mentor said that 2 of my best lessons were in the middle week. So even though I thought I wasn’t doing so well, I still must have been getting the content out there and the students were still enjoying my lessons . I have to say some nights especially when I was sick I was completely blank into what content I should put into my lessons Teachers pay teachers was a life saver, although you do have to pay, there are some excellent free resources on there. But I mainly used it and the blurbs about the product to help my brain tick. Also Primary resources helped with ideas and will definitely be useful in the future.

The kids were great, my mentor was super helpful, and the school was fantastic,I had year 2 class which was my youngest so far and have to say that some of my lessons I did struggle with making them Year 2 level, but that was just myself trying to plan, see what I needed to do then lower the level. I still  could use the same ideas, but change the challenge. 

I really enjoyed this professional experience and was lucky enough to gain a spot to return for my placement in term 2 for EDP3333, I have gained a spot with another year 2 class just different mentor, so it will be interesting to see different students, same age bracket but different teacher dynamic.

Bring on the next prac, hopefully no sickness will doom me then.



Stages of teacher development

As I excitedly wait for professional experience to start tomorrow, I have prepared all I can prepare for now. I get to go back to the classroom again and can not wait 🙂


I thought I would take some time to reflect, reflect on myself and how I have progressed as a pre-service teacher to now in the course and what I hope to be at the end of my prac.

Thinking about to the Stages of teacher development adapted from Finger et al (2007)

Stage Description of key difference(s)

There is a general lack of action and/or interest

The teacher has developed an interest in using ICT with students and is beginning to act on this interest

The teacher is regularly using ICT with students and knows how to do so competently and confidently

Critical Use border

The use of ICT becomes critical to the support of the learning environment and the opportunity for students to achieve learning outcomes through the learning experiences provided.


The teacher is able to take on leadership roles (formal and informal) in the use of ICT and be knowledgeably reflective on its integration by his/herself and others

Adapted from Finger, et al )2007, p.9)

Looking at the stages of the development and where I have come from starting the course, I definitely would have classed myself as Inaction stage.

But I now would say I am at the investigation stage, I have tried so many different things ICT related through the learning path activities and gone out and researched resources to use.I am setting myself a goal to by the end of prac to be at the application stage.

Goal set, bag packed, nerves under control. (I think)

Good luck to everyone as we set out on our classroom adventures, I look forward to seeing others experiences that we have on our professional experience. 🙂


Interactive Whiteboard Nerves

This week in preparation for our professional experience we have been learning about Interactive whiteboards or IWB.

One of my first tasks on Monday is to work out what type of IWB I will be using in my host classroom. So questions if I am able to ask will be not on all of the first day but over the 3 weeks are

  • What are your mentor’s thoughts about IWBs. Is the IWB a plus?
  • How do they use the IWB? Lot’s? Not very much?
  • What resources does your mentor use with the IWB and is she/he willing to share them?
  • How reliable is the IWB? What are the common problems? How do they currently get fixed?
  • What type of IWB is it?
  • What type of computer is connected to the IWB.
  • How do I gain access to that computer? Can I connect other computing devices to it?
  • What software is installed on the computer and how can I get other software installed on that computer (if I can)?

Unfortunately I have never properly used a IWB, out of all my pracs I have only ever used the interactive whiteboard and it was my last day when I taught an Art lesson which demonstrated a step by step process on how to draw something. It was excellent for this lesson but the kids had to help me use it as I had no idea.

Thank you to  Chronicles of a (pre-service) Teacher who supplied a link to 10 tips for teaching with an interactive whiteboard any help and tips I can get to work out how to use the IWB successfully I am very grateful for.

While looking for some possible ideas to use on an IWB I come accross 2 websites which could be useful in lessons

Hooda Math

The Adventures of Herman the worm

I look forward to hopefully be a successful more confident user of the IWB this time round and look forward to using them.