Connect.ed – Cybersafety and cyberbullying

What is Connect.ed ? Connect.ed is an innovative, self-paced online Cybersmart education program that offers teachers the knowledge, confidence and resources to help students stay safe online.

I was really excited to complete this task. This is something that we all know exists but I don’t feel like I knew too much about it ( I have attached my certificate to show my successful completion of this education program), I have to admit I am out of the loop with all the new social media sites and what students are using and are able to do with all the technology and how it really is affecting the students.

As a teacher we need to be aware of what our students are doing and create a safe environment when they are online. Us as teachers need to educate and hopefully provide ways to prevent cyberbullying. 

Ways to help students stay safe using social media is

Students can:

  • block senders in chat rooms and social networking sites
  • change their social networking profiles
  • keep passwords secret and mobile numbers private
  • not reply to nasty messages and/or block the sender if they are in a contact list
  • if the bullying persists, tell someone they trust
  • help them to list trusted people
  • keep any hostile messages sent by IM or SMS, print out any text, web content or emails and keep links to web pages or user names in IM
  • use website reporting tools to report cyberbullying


This is some of the useful advice that was advised during the course. It also encouraged for parents to be more involved as a majority, especially of the social media happens outside of the school environment but its helpful to keep them informed as well.

If you have any student which may not be able to talk to their parents and you are concerned about there is this website Cybersmart it is a list of options that students can turn to if something is upsetting them or just need someone to talk to.  Also if you come across something that is offensive.

What have I learned from this?

That with students being 21st century learners we need to address these issues and make them aware of dangers that can exist and help them use the new technology and social media sites but in a safe way.

This has definitely given me something to think about especially for professional experience and using ICT in the classroom.

Will this be something I need to consider? Will the school have policies which students are already aware of. Something to think about!





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