Reflection on Professional Experience

Wow! Another Professional experience done and dusted. (I have to say I am completely exhausted, but it was definitely worth it)

I have also enjoyed yesterday and today reading some other EDC3100 students reflections on prac, sometimes being an online student you often wonder how other peoples times went, did they have a good time, bad time. To find out how others went on their professional experience click here. Also Amber sounded like she also had an invaluable experience, like most of us, good and bad it’s all an experience and we will all be better teachers for it.

I must say I haven’t had much time to blog during my professional experience. With the lesson planning, researching what I was teaching finding excellent ICT resources to incorporate and trying to have some form of normality in my life. Unfortunately I feel the end of my first week and the middle week, was a bit disappointing for me. Not because it was a bad experience but both myself and mentor got terribly sick, we were the coughing brigade. I could tell that my teaching although I was running through the motions, was just not as good as if I had of had a clear head. But in saying that my mentor said that 2 of my best lessons were in the middle week. So even though I thought I wasn’t doing so well, I still must have been getting the content out there and the students were still enjoying my lessons . I have to say some nights especially when I was sick I was completely blank into what content I should put into my lessons Teachers pay teachers was a life saver, although you do have to pay, there are some excellent free resources on there. But I mainly used it and the blurbs about the product to help my brain tick. Also Primary resources helped with ideas and will definitely be useful in the future.

The kids were great, my mentor was super helpful, and the school was fantastic,I had year 2 class which was my youngest so far and have to say that some of my lessons I did struggle with making them Year 2 level, but that was just myself trying to plan, see what I needed to do then lower the level. I still  could use the same ideas, but change the challenge. 

I really enjoyed this professional experience and was lucky enough to gain a spot to return for my placement in term 2 for EDP3333, I have gained a spot with another year 2 class just different mentor, so it will be interesting to see different students, same age bracket but different teacher dynamic.

Bring on the next prac, hopefully no sickness will doom me then.



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